Coach Airial Re'nal

Coach Airial Re'nal

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What The Hell Do I Do Next?! Workbook

9 Thought Provoking Questions to Guide You Toward Your Passion

Before steps: Preparing for exploration
Answering the questions within this workbook may be easier for some and harder for others. I recommend setting aside some time to truly focus on the questions as well as the answers. The more you are willing to
uncover, the closer you will get to honing in on your true passion.

How to use this book:
Each question is on a page of its own. I wanted to make sure you
have enough room to write out your thoughts and answers.
Within these pages you will also find affirmations and coloring
pages. Affirmations help us believe and manifest what we desire.
Repeating them daily helps solidify them in your mind. They are
a way of rewiring our brains to eradicate the negative things we
tell ourselves. The adult coloring pages have been said to reduce
stress. These are two of my favorite ways to de-stress, clear my
mind clutter, and meditate when I need to focus and reevaluate

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